Our Team

We are a team seasoned in excellence, united by a shared vision and a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact. With deep-rooted stability and continuous innovation, our collective expertise forms the backbone of our success. We excel in navigating challenges with strategic precision and intentional actions, ensuring that every step we take is forward-moving and purpose-driven. Our strength lies in our unity and our ability to execute flawlessly, making us a reliable and powerful force in driving transformative change.

Our Board Of Directors

Fredrick D. Scott

Chairman of the Board

Kathryn Ross

Board Member

Our C-Suite

Kathryn Ross

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Piecora

Cheif Technology Officer

Yolanda Lindsay

Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Petit

Chief Product Officer

Shellon Blanchard-Clarke

Chief People Officer

Our Advisory Board

Jane Doe


Pedro Moore

Venture Advisor - Daymond John of Shark Tank

Jesse Rhodes

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leader at Amazon

Joy Jack

Venture Partner - Republic

Bryan Bodner

Former Venture Partner - Alumni Ventures

Ahmad Al Hidiq

Founder & General Partner at LabEight* Capital

Maranda Walker

Partner at Genesis Development Group & Co-Founder of Joes Gourmet

Dean Jones

Former Startup Ambassador - Microsoft for Startups

Ahmad Al Hidiq

Founder & General Partner at LabEight* Capital

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