The Standard in Private Company Transparency, Accountability & Visibility

VBCHC is redefining the landscape of private capital markets by spearheading the development of innovative software solutions that empower participants in the industry with unprecedented transparency, accountability, and visibility. Our solutions streamline the capital raising, capital deployment and risk mitigation processes.  Through its own exemplary internal policies, procedures, and practices, VBCHC sets a new standard for early-stage companies, inspiring and reshaping the possibilities for its stakeholders.


Empowering the Future of Private Capital Markets

VBC Holding Corp Inc. (“VBCHC”) is a leading organization in the private capital markets ecosystem, overseeing two subsidiary companies, Venture Backed and PMI Systems. VBCHC serves as a strategic and operational hub, driving innovation and providing comprehensive solutions to empower founders, investors, service providers, and other stakeholders within the private capital markets ecosystem.

At VBCHC, our mission is to revolutionize private capital markets by delivering cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions that empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve their financial goals. We are committed to creating a collaborative and transparent environment that fosters entrepreneurship, facilitates efficient capital raising, and enables long-term success in the private markets.

Our vision at VBCHC is to be the foremost catalyst for positive change and transformation within private capital markets. We strive to be recognized as the go-to organization delivering platforms that seamlessly connect founders, investors, service providers, and other stakeholders, enabling them to unlock the full potential of the private capital markets. By leveraging advanced technologies, we aim to redefine industry standards, drive innovation, and enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of private capital markets on a global scale.

At VBCHC, our values serve as the guiding principles that underpin our mission and vision. Our values define our commitment to excellence in the private capital markets. We are driven by a steadfast dedication to:

  1. Innovation: We embrace innovation as the cornerstone of our success. We continuously seek new ideas, technologies, and approaches to stay at the forefront of the industry, enabling us to provide pioneering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.
  2. Integrity: We operate with the highest level of integrity, maintaining transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all our interactions. We prioritize trust, reliability, and confidentiality to build enduring relationships with our clients and partners.
  3. Empowerment: We empower our users by providing them with accurate, timely, and actionable insights. We believe in democratizing access to information, equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and achieve their financial objectives.
  4. Collaboration: We foster a culture of collaboration and partnership, recognizing that collective intelligence and diverse perspectives drive innovation and success. We actively engage with our stakeholders, nurturing strong relationships, and building a supportive community within the private capital markets.
  5. Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to delivering superior quality, exceptional user experiences, and measurable results. We set high standards and continually raise the bar to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders.

By upholding these values, VBCHC aims to make a significant impact in the private capital markets, revolutionizing the way private companies are funded, evaluated, and monitored, while driving sustainable growth and prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Our Companies

Venture Backed

Connecting Founders, Investors & Service Providers

Venture Backed is the premier digital engagement and social networking platform for founders, investors, and service providers within the venture capital ecosystem. We provide top-tier validation tools and quality deal flow sourcing. We are committed to giving our users accurate, timely data and actionable insights that empower our users to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Founders submit their pitch decks and deal rooms to potential investors through our platform. This way, founders gain needed attention from qualified investors that are the right fit for their company, quickly and easily. Our goal is to make the process of raising capital as efficient and effective as possible for founders.

PMI Systems

Enabling Unprecedented Transparency, Accountability & Visibility

The Private Market Intelligence (PMI) System is a pioneering enterprise level B2B SaaS solution that offers unparalleled initial and ongoing due diligence and monitoring capabilities for private companies globally. Our system provides an unprecedented level of transparency, accountability, visibility, and monitoring for various stakeholders such as equity investors, lenders, auditors (internal and external), financial institutions, M&A shops, and investment banks.

PMI equips our clients with a comprehensive suite of tools to obtain an accurate assessment of a company’s corporate health, financial health, and industry vertical health. Additionally, we delve into the health of the founder(s) by conducting KYC/AML, Adverse Media Searching, and Personality Profiling, providing valuable insights.

"When an asset class presents outsized risk, there must be greater visibility into each individual asset in the asset class to properly mitigate risk and increase the odds of success for all stakeholders involved." - Fredrick D. Scott, FMVA