Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What We Believe

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

VBCHC’s mission is to revolutionize private capital markets by delivering cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions that empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve their financial goals. Our pledge is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone. This shared mission fuels our drive for innovation, empowers us to provide comprehensive value, and underscores our role as a responsible leader in the business landscape.

Our commitment to DEI will enable us to attract, nurture, motivate, and recognize exceptional talents. It will foster an environment that nurtures innovation, allowing our team to excel and contribute their best. It forms the bedrock of a culture where every individual perceives an equal opportunity to contribute and cultivate a rewarding career.

Initiated by our chair, chief executive officer, and Board, this commitment will trickle down throughout our organization. We will entrust leaders at all levels to champion the creation and nurturing of an equitable culture, where everyone can progress and prosper. Our areas of focus encompass gender, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, religion, individuals with disabilities, and cross-cultural diversity, ensuring that inclusivity permeates every facet of our organization.

Equity, Transparency & Pay Parity

Advancing Equity, Transparency, and Pay Parity

VBCHC will be dedicated to empowering our team to flourish, offering comprehensive initiatives aligned with our diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives. We intend to develop and tailor programs, encompass specialized training, supportive networking, adaptable work arrangements, mentorship opportunities, mental health resources, and equal benefits for all couples where local regulations allow.

We place profound emphasis on cultivating trust and transparency, guided by our commitment to openness. We will establish clear targets, intend to publicly disclose our workforce demographics in key regions, and continually gather data to enhance our practices and ensure accountability among our leaders.

Our unwavering dedication to pay equity is an integral part of VBCHC’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe in providing equitable compensation that takes into account factors such as job roles, location, and tenure.  In addition, our dedication extends to racial and ethnic equality, with dollar-for-dollar, 100% pay equity. 

Our People

A Commitment to Our People

VBCHC intends to ensure an environment where every individual can flourish regardless of background, identity, or circumstance. Our holistic approach will solidify our dedication to fostering a diverse workforce, upholding equity, and nurturing an inclusive culture that empowers and values each team member.

Gender Equality

We believe the future workforce is an equal one. That’s why we intend to maintain gender-balanced workforce.

Ethnic and Racial Diversity in the Workplace

We will take action to create more opportunities for employment and advancement for our people from underrepresented communities.

Persons with Disabilities

We will strive to give our people with disabilities access to technology, resources and training for a barrier-free workplace

Prioritizing Mental Health & Wellness

Our support for mental health and wellness will accelerate our culture of equality and help everyone to thrive.

Supporting our LGBTIQ+ Community

We will embrace authenticity at work–including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Cap Table Diversity

Empowering Change: VBCHC's Vision for Inclusive Venture Investing

At VBCHC, our unwavering belief in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion transcends mere corporate boundaries; it extends to the underserved communities of color disproportionately impacted by economic disparities and limited opportunities. In the dynamic realm of early-stage ventures, this belief takes tangible form: an unyielding commitment to leveling the playing field for the most promising companies. We hold that accredited investors from underrepresented, underestimated communities of color deserve a seat at the table of innovation, investing in the brightest startups not as an afterthought, but as a means of addressing systemic imbalances.

We are driven by the understanding that achieving true Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion demands far-reaching change. That’s why we strive to lead the charge, setting a new benchmark for early-stage companies. We’re dedicated to initiating a transformative shift in cap table diversity, providing tailored opportunities for accredited investors from underrepresented backgrounds to engage meaningfully. Each step we take is guided by a deep commitment to unity and fairness, ensuring that our cap table remains harmonious while breaking down barriers.

Our mission is simple: to pioneer, exemplify, and elevate. We’re tirelessly dedicated to not only acknowledging the challenges faced by underrepresented communities but actively enabling their participation. We assess each investor on an individual basis, seeking ways to provide tailored access to our cap table without compromising its integrity. Through our actions, we champion a holistic vision of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that resonates with both the heart and the mind of the venture community.

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